Harry one of our members has recently moved house and decided to have a go at building a fish house. The photographs opposite show how he did it. First he fastened 2x2 wooden battens to the wall and filled the gaps with fibre glass on the two outer walls was placed a sheet of black polythene material as well. The fibre glass was then covered with plaster board, and painted with blue emulsion paint. All the shelving timber have been varnished with yatch varnish for added protection.
The window on the outside wall has also been double glazed for added insulation. Several sizes of tanks have been used mainly 24x15x12
Some of the tanks have some floating plants in them for the bubble nest builders and other are bare tanks.
Whilst on a visit there were fighters hatching from the nest and a very proud 'father' looking after them by putting them back into the large bubble nest . Several cultures were about, ready for any young fry.
All 30 tanks are supplied with air from a Hi Blow 40 pump.
Harry breeds mostly livebearers.



Thanks to John without
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