These photographs are of tableaux which members of the society have made and exhibited over the years at The Yorkshire Aquarists Festival. The first one we ever build was the Humpty Dumpty with the help of the then Harrogate society we came 17th with this. After this Ken, Ray and Eric got together to form the Tableaux Team. Before very long they had started to plan and build our next project for the 1992 festival, this was the famous one of all, we had used a lot of polythene on the inside it had great effect for what we wanted - the dark inside of a mine. Unfortunately the fire brigade thought differently and it had to come down on the Saturday evening hence we have no photographs of it. At this point a new member called Ron joined the club who was very interested in helping to build tableaux's and was full of ideas for making working parts on the models. We carried the theme of FIRE with our next effort for the 1993 festival and built The Miner's Arms with the fire brigade in attendance. This went down very well and we got First place. In front of the pub there was an old-fashioned fire pump with two fire attendants pumping helping to rescue the lady through the roof. At the side for the chimney there was a large box of matches called Swan Jesta, on top of this was a birds nest and the birds moved up and down. In front of the pub there were a set of stocks many people had photographs taken sat in these. So what next well all sorts went through our minds and we finished up doing a Gaviolli Fairground Organ this was driven by a showman's engine. This again had fully working parts on it and played organ music. The full length of the whole piece was 22 ft and looked very realistic. We were very pleased that this won first place. Next came the Flourmill again another biggie 20ft long 18ft high and again all working and moving parts. We even had hens pecking at the waste wheat. On the end of the mill there was a water wheel, which turned. All members have worked on the tableaux's in one way or another either by painting or sewing or exhibiting fish or planted aquariums. The last we did was just a stand advertising the society in the shape of a living room with a fireplace a coffee table and fish tanks round the sides. On the outside and round the back we then build a small pond and garden. As there will be no more festivals at Doncaster Racecourse all our members say we have happy memories of the Festivals and thank those who organised them.


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