Monday afternoon, wet windy and the roads are very busy but eventually here we are in Sutton -in -Craven at one of our member's houses. What a warm welcome we receive from Graham and Masie, off we go into the fish house formally Graham's garage the heat meets you so off come the winter coats, hats and gloves

There are three banks of tanks one down each side of the walls and one down the middle.

Oh look at the size of that -a large 10ft tank yes I said 10ft, in it are large cichlids a pair of gold severums, a male synspilum, four medium red devils, four silver dollars, two very large plecs in perfect condition not a fin ripped or chewed, and several other syno type catfish. To say how many fish were in this tank there was no trouble what-so-ever they were all living peacefully together. After the large tank there are tanks of various sizes containing swordtails, Buenos Aires tetras and some barbs. Underneath the large tank there are six two-foot tanks one contains young green severums growing nicely. Another had a pair of adult Angels ready for spawning. A pair of blue combtails occupies the next tank. Then we came to a tank full of colourful baby kribs these were about an inch long with good finage and colour. Pairs of pearl gourami are in the next tank. In the last tank on this row there was a pair of colbalt blue discus with the young swimming around them. Graham had only just seen these this morning as they had laid their eggs round the back of the tank. Across the bottom of the wall we came across another large tank this time a six foot, and in residence here a breeding pair of Oscars what a sight! As you can see from the picture (no 8.) the male was proud to be in that tank and came to the front for us to see him. In front of this tank there were two very large buckets one containing large coldwater fish and the other was full of young convicts, so anyone wanting some get in touch with us!

In the tank opposite the ten footer there are a pair red devils the male looking at us as if we are going to feed him the female hiding in a piece of piping Graham has put in hoping she will breed, I notice that all the large tanks have bucket filters all home made and very successful too all the water in the tanks is crystal clear. At the side of this there was another pair of breeding Oscars ready for spawning any day busy cleaning like mad. Underneath these four more tanks, one containing assorted earth eaters, another one with loads of young brown severums and then one with shell dwelling fish and a smaller tank containing young swords of varying sizes.

Down the far sidewall a two-foot tank with a breeding pair of angels, which I think, these were laying whilst we were there as they were quite aggressive coming to the front of the tank. Next a three-foot tank with young rams in too many to count but a fair few in. In another three foot tank there are eight young colbalt blue discus that graham bred last year. He is growing these on for a while, they were a lovely blue, the photo unfortunately that we took did not do them justice. On to the next we find young pearl gouramies just starting to get some colour. We then come to the last tank on this row here there were three discus two colbalt blue and a pigeon red. The two blue seem to be pairing up so Graham now has to find another tank for the red. Above all these tanks there are cat litter type trays. In these eggs are put to hatch and they keep to a temperature of about 80

All round the fish house there is a shelf containing 18x14inch tanks for fry or for females to be conditioned in. The fish are fed a very varied diet. Amongst the foods, which are regularly fed, are bloodworm, daphnia (both fresh when available) frozen bloodworm, flake food, white worm by the ton. Graham also makes up a recipe of his own.

Graham has kept fish for about 20 years and we thank him for allowing us the privilege of having a look at his fish house. As there is not much room we hope to be able to go again and maybe do a video so people can have a look at the wonderful and varied fish that Graham keeps.

Thanks Graham and Masie we really did enjoy our few hours with you.


Thanks to John without
his help I could not have made this site