This pond has been built in one of the member's allotment mainly to save a lot of digging or so we thought. It has turned out to be a haven for wildlife. As you can see from the photos it was full of weeds, nettles thistles and rubbish. A hosepipe was laid round to get a shape and then the digging started as the ground was uneven it turned out to be a bigger job and lots of earth had to be relocated on the site. Once that was done and the liner laid in we had a supervisor to come and inspect the ongoing work! (Jake aged 3) Filling the pond took 6 hours so we had plenty of time for a few beers. This pond was built August/September time and at the present time the wildlife is as follows, birds Jays, Blue tits, Great tits, Chaffinch, Green finch, Bull finch Gold finch Greater Spotted Woodpecker Tree creeper Long tailed tits wrens Hedge sparrow Robins and Blackbirds To say we very rarely saw many birds in the allotment before the pond was built we seem to be doing quite well is it the pond attracting them? Wrens have been seen to paddle in the water and go and clean their wings in the plants on the pond edge. We hope next year to attract frogs into the area we have seen them in the strawberry beds











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